Each day, more than 300 of the smartest, most supportive and collaborative people in the world come to work at H+K London.

Through our people and work, we continue to open our doors for new talent and offer existing employees new opportunities. We believe in the importance of a diverse workforce and are proud to partner with several organisations to help hire a wide range of diverse candidates.  

Our culture is entrepreneurial. We are committed to supporting and encouraging our employees to write their own story and follow their passions. Our vast global network and offices makes way for fantastic global opportunities for our employers, which includes a variety of secondment schemes and travel opportunities. 

Diversity + Inclusion 

At H+K London, we’re hard at work creating a louder culture of equality. In 2018, H+K London came together in force to launch EquAll, our local expression of the global H+K Diversity and Inclusion program You Belong. 

Across three focus areascreativity, culture and people, EquAll aims to ensure that all voices – loud, quiet, younger, older, of any ethnic origin, background, geography, sexuality or religion – are not just heardbut listened to and harnessed to create a culture that makes our work and workplace the best it can be.  

EquAll started as a series of agency-wide in person conversations which crystalised into the three focus areas, chosen by the agency and led by small self-selected teams to accelerate the integration of diverse and inclusive mindsets and behaviours into our business.  

  • With creativity, we explore how to ensure the ideas we bring to clients are inclusive, representative and diverse from the start.  
  • On culture, we are workshopping how people at all levels in the company feel we’re doing on things like flexibility, wellbeing, meeting culture, leadership, language and collaboration.  
  • On people, we’re actively improving the way we recruit and train to make sure diverse talent belongs and thrives here.   

By working with our expert behavioural science team, SMARTER, we can work around barriers in existing culture that shape common experience with culture change, which anyone who’s human knows can be hard to do! 

We are currently implementing new initiatives on meeting culture, parenting and recruitment.  

For more information on EquAll, please contact our Managing Director of Healthcare + Wellbeing and EquAll co-founder, Jessica Walsh. 

Futures Council

At H+K London we are exceptionally proud of our Futures Council – a junior advisory board tasked with looking at how we innovate our business and shape the future of public relations.

The Futures Council represents all aspects of our business. It’s made up of 14 high performing individuals that have been nominated by their colleagues and MD to champion the views and interest of their teams. The membership is reviewed on a bi-annual basis, spreading the opportunity across more people in the business.

As an agency we believe in open innovation – that everyone is empowered and accountable for creating the agency they want to be a part of – and the Futures Council helps realise this core principle. Alongside our traditional leadership committee, the Futures Council enables us to benefit from the fresh thinking and new ideas of more junior talent; our future leaders already making their mark and co-creating what their company will become.

The Futures Council is chaired by Claire Holden, our Chief Innovation Officer, and the council presents their business recommendations to the Executive Leadership Committee, led by CEO, Simon Whitehead.


Learning + Development is at the heart of H+K, which is why we call our development programme The Hub. The courses range from core business skills such as presenting, to high level consultancy skills and more bespoke training options. 


We understand that benefits and perks are a key factor in choosing and staying at the right agency. We provide a competitive benefit package including flexible working arrangements, WPP employee discount scheme, pension, health cash plan and more.  

Our talent team

Katie Spence, Talent Acquisition Lead 

Katie leads the talent function at H+K London, focusing on Account Director to Managing Director roles. Whether there’s a current role you’re interested in, you want to connect about future opportunities, or you want to know more about us, feel free to get in touch over email. 

Jamie Ann Wall, Talent Acquisition Executive

Jamie works on roles from Intern to Senior Account Manager level. She understands that candidate experience is key and enjoys speaking to potential colleagues to ensure they understand the vast range of opportunities on offer and the agency culture. 

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