Call of Duty: Reaching new audiences through a marquee moment​

COD Mobile has struggled to grow outside of the core gaming community since its launch. With most casual gamers playing platform games like Warzone, we needed to create a marquee moment that put the mobile game at the front and centre of a mainstream audience. 

By utilising the influence of footballers and their affinity to gaming, we created a social content series with Sporf. The IGTV series pitted footballers against each other, using forfeits for the losers to form moments that drove earned coverage and social conversation.

West Ham Footballer, Michail Antonio, performed the worst of the three guests and was set the forfeit of imitating a swimming backstroke celebration when he next scored. 

On 16th January, much to the amusement and bemusement of fans and commentators, Antonio did the celebration. The campaign achieved 408+ pieces of earned coverage, 14.8m impressions on Twitter, 80K engagements and 737k views of the Sporf content. Additional outputs were also landed on the match broadcaster (Amazon Prime Video), West Ham channels, player channels and Sporf channels.

Sector: Entertainment + Leisure
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