Duracell: Proving the value of influencers

Cost of traditional advertising is up; results are flat. We wanted Duracell to embrace alternative forms of marketing that can deliver more impactful brand awareness, equity and purchase intent, so we used influencer content to demonstrate comparable effectiveness.

Using their TV advert as an experimental control, we delivered a campaign with influencer content, partnering with Youtubers Spratt and OutsideXbox – platforms that fit the brief of ‘gaming as a passion’. 

Combining behavioural science experimental design and traditional survey techniques, we successfully demonstrated that influencer content could outperform on brand and messaging metrics for Duracell in comparison to traditional advertising content and media.

Results showed influencers in the study achieved a net 10 percentage point increase across all measures vs. the advert.

This evidence-based approach changed perceptions at Duracell, with influencers now seen a legitimate expansion of their digital marketing practice.

Sector: Consumer Packaged Goods
Specialist expertise: Data + Analytics
Office: London

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