SIX FI: BOOSTing The Strategy

In 2020, the incoming CEO of major Swiss  financial services company, SIX FI, was looking  for a way to launch a new business strategy and boost performance.

Communicating the new strategic direction was an important step, but the real challenge would be delivering in what was a risk-averse business. This required a change of culture, mindset, and behaviour – all done from home during the COVID-19 pandemic.    

Rising to the challenge, H+K created BOOST: a comprehensive behaviour change campaign designed to inject fresh energy and excitement into the organisation and encourage staff across the world to pull toward the new collective vision. We embedded the strategy at every level of the business, identifying internal influencers to inspire buy-in and creating a community on Microsoft Teams. 

The campaign delivered record levels of employee investment in the strategy, and as a result, a tangible commitment to individual action across the business. 100% of employees have actively engaged with the  campaign, sparking numerous new initiatives and innovative business solutions.

Sector: Financial + Professional Services
Specialist expertise: People + Purpose, Behavioral Science, Data + Analytics, The Studio
Office: London

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