Skipton: An unexpected advisor

“Forget what the banks are telling you, I know how the markets really work…” you may not be surprised to learn that the financial advice from ‘finfluencers’ on social media may not be up to scratch, but an unprecedented number of unregulated hucksters are guiding hopeful investors. Why do so many people trust them?

Working with our behavioural science unit, we explored what made people trust a panel of fictional TikTok #fintok finfluencers and used it as an opportunity for bonafide finance guru Iona Bain to help the public sort the wheat from the chaff. 

With 16 broadcast interviews secured across regional and BBC stations, plus coverage in City AM, the Yorkshire Post and priority onlines, Skipton’s campaign opened up the debate on social channels and allowed the brand to take a leading voice in making the important distinction between financial advice and financial education. 

Sector: Financial + Professional Services
Specialist expertise: Content + Publishing Strategy
Office: London

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