Healthcare expert Sophie Taylor-Roberts joins Hill+Knowlton Strategies


December 16, 2021

Healthcare expert Sophie Taylor-Roberts joins Hill+Knowlton Strategies

16 December 2021, London – Hill+Knowlton Strategies (H+K), one of the world’s leading public relations firms, has hired healthcare communications expert Sophie Taylor-Roberts as Managing Director, Healthcare in its London office. Taylor-Roberts will report to Jessica Walsh, who leads the UK Healthcare practice. Working with clients including GSK, Takeda and GN Hearing, the team has … Read more

Life Through a Lens: Adland Responds to Lockdown.

When we return to some kind of recognisable reality, when we wash, dress (and I mean properly dress, like grown-ups) and leave home for work, those returning to the directional, scatter-cushioned hot-houses that are the nation’s creative agencies and production shops will face a sobering reminder. Their cutting room floors – actual and metaphorical – … Read more

Parliament returns – but what’s next?

Members of Parliament have arrived back in SW1 to a space renowned for tradition, now transformed in a matter of weeks to meet social distancing requirements. Parliament sat this afternoon following Easter recess with a number of MPs opting to stay in their constituencies and use video conferencing in a new era for the lawmakers. … Read more

The Big Night In

At H+K we are proud to create and deliver brilliant ideas for our clients every day – a challenge made possible by learning from each other and inspiring each other. Once a month we come together to share our work and learnings, to make sure that everyone’s future path is shaped and strengthened by our past … Read more

Technology Speculators Sessions

Every week at H+K, we gather to dissect, debate and delight in the different aspects of communication technology. We call ourselves Technology Speculators, because our mission is to explore the latest digital tools that can improve how our clients communicate with their audiences. Our intentionally eclectic curriculum is a chance to hear directly from major … Read more

Creativity+Humanity: In Conversation with Dr. Elaine Kasket

Following another successful bout of our annual creativity symposium on Wednesday, we asked our speakers if they would mind answering a few questions based on our theme, Creativity+Humanity, and the topic that they talked about. We brought in Dr. Elaine Kasket to hold our last morning session, ‘Be a Meerkat, Not an Ostrich: Compassionately Confronting … Read more