Technology Speculators Sessions

by Candace Kuss

Director of Social Media, London
February 22, 2017

Technology Speculators Sessions

Every week at H+K, we gather to dissect, debate and delight in the different aspects of communication technology. We call ourselves Technology Speculators, because our mission is to explore the latest digital tools that can improve how our clients communicate with their audiences. Our intentionally eclectic curriculum is a chance to hear directly from major … Read more

H+K Better Impact™: Empowering and enabling brands to have a better impact on people and the planet

Businesses are under increasing scrutiny from consumers, stakeholders and employees who want to know their impact on people and the planet. At Hill+Knowlton Strategies, we believe creativity has a huge role to play in helping brands be a force for good; but it can be a daunting prospect to identify authentic campaigns that stand to … Read more

The Dave Robinson International Scholarship: What It Is and Who It Honors

Dave Robinson

Dave Robinson was president and CEO of Hill+Knowlton Strategies for Australia, Middle East, Africa, South and Central Asia, when he suddenly passed away in 2012. Those who knew Dave Robinson would say he could be counted on to see the other side of things, to be the devil’s advocate, to challenge the conventional approach with … Read more