Nowhere to hide for Boris Johnson

by James Drewer

Managing Director, Corporate Affairs + Advisory
June 24, 2022

Nowhere to hide for Boris Johnson

As Conservative MPs will have awoken early this morning and checked their phones for the news they knew was coming, their thoughts will be about the future. They will have done the calculations in their heads about what would happen if they themselves were standing for election. All but a tiny number would be out … Read more

While you’re trying to set the world to rights, don’t forget to start somewhere.

As part of H+K’s Sustainability and Social Impact consulting team, I frequently find myself chatting to colleagues and clients about the state of the planet; more specifically the matter of climate change, what actions clients can take to constructively engage, what is our greatest collective challenge, and how best to communicate about these efforts in … Read more

Critics calling ‘Woke Capitalism’ a trend need to wake up to a longer term view of sustainability

The recent attacks on “woke capitalism”, or businesses that stand for something more than making profits, have roused some debate about the future of environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance by businesses. Too often recently I’ve heard reference to sustainability or ESG as a ‘trend’. Interest in sustainability among executives, consumers, investors and regulators has … Read more

The end of the road for Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson is currently presiding over a Cabinet meeting after the worst night of his political life (and that includes the farcical spectacle of his withdrawal from the leadership race to succeed David Cameron). Last night was a terrible result for Johnson; 148 of his colleagues declared they have no confidence in him. Comparisons with … Read more

PM to face no-confidence motion tonight

The last time I visited the topic of a vote of no confidence in the Prime Minister was back on 19 January in the wake of the first shockwaves from allegations around parties held in Downing St during lockdowns. At the time, the Pork Pie Putsch players (so-called because one of the ring leaders was the MP … Read more

Creative Equals RISE 2022: You are what the game is missing

This month I attended the annual Creative Equals event RISE 2022. If you don’t know, the goal of this event is about creating better equality within the creative industries. That means challenging things like, where are all the female creative directors? Why is LGBTQ+ representation so poor in creative campaigns? And why are Black voices … Read more

It’s tough being a brand in the cost of living crisis

As we’re all tightening our belts, considering whether the things we’re putting into our shopping baskets are necessities or ‘little luxuries’ we can leave on the shelf, we’re getting ‘advice’ from out-of-touch politicians on managing our household budgets and actually helpful tips from Martin Lewis to help our money go that little bit further in … Read more