H+K Strategies supported the launch of the Army Reserve’s More Than Meets the Eye recruitment campaign to raise awareness of the exciting and challenging roles that are available.
At our national launch event, we showcased new Oculus Rift technology – wrap-around virtual reality headsets that immersed media and potential recruits in the experience of being on training exercises and operations. Sat in an Army vehicle in the middle of London Waterloo station surrounded by commuters, anyone could put the headset on and find themselves sitting in a Challenger 2 tank, shooting across the plain. We also facilitated live interviews with senior Army spokespeople and Army reservists including the BBC, ITV and Capital FM.
In conjunction with the campaign, we commissioned research to investigate people’s attitudes and satisfaction levels towards their existing careers, skills, experience and employability. This research provided the news hook for our outreach, splitting it by region, career and demographic as necessary.
The campaign generated over 100 pieces of coverage in launch week. The outreach was phased to pursue different target audiences as the campaign evolved. We broke with national media, followed by regional media for the cities at which we staffed experiential activity. Having captured the general public’s attention, we built into specialist trade media – making them aware of the different roles for which the Army Reserve is recruiting.