Following another successful installation of our annual creativity symposium last week, we asked our speakers if they would mind answering a few questions based on our theme, Creativity+Humanity, and the topic that they talked about.

Colin Payne, Vice President at Capgemini, joined us to discuss cutting edge technology in banking during his session, ‘Banking on Being Human’. He explored how to ‘humanise’ digital financial services, an industry that has seemed foreign to so many of us for years due to ‘alien’ bankers, and more recently, sophisticated robotics and AI. How can banks create unique user experiences, and how important is it that they do so?

What does creativity mean to you?

For me it’s the most magical transformation of our experiences into imaginative, new ideas powered by a relentless, curious and creative spirit which leads to invention.

How does human centred design impact digital banking?

Designing with the customer in mind has driven a sea of change in banking services. The shift is fundamental and absolute. Moving the organisation away from a “product” focus to a customer centric service design, based on human need. This design process has reinvented the experience across both the physical and digital channels with redesigned branches and new apps to serve at unprecedented levels of convenience and intuition.

How do you engage diverse audiences with a wide range of digital experience and understanding?

For us, talking to a diverse range of customers is critical and constant – from ideation and strategy through design and development – the voice of customer informs every step and ensures we are as inclusive as possible whilst delivering value to end users and business alike.