Oil + gas consultancy, io, launched in January of 2015 with a mission to turn the sector on its head.

With tumbling oil prices, 2/3 of industry projects over-budget, cancelled or delayed and 73% of industry leaders agreeing that they are increasingly challenged to assess risks and returns of major programmes, io understood that things needed to be done differently.
H+K was briefed to position io as bold and disruptive – so we created powerful thinking. A content hub for industry expertise; powerful thinking presented ideas in a form that was completely new to the oil and gas sector.
It was crucial that the content hub engaged io’s niche and highly specialised audience, shook up the status quo and made them re-evaluate industry norms. H+K addressed specific oil and gas issues (such as procurement and over-specialisation), in creative mediums such as Vines, infographics and articles which focused on lessons from other industries, and value adding, provocative commentary which led to topical conversations.
To date, the content has received a remarkable response, with users spending over two minutes consuming each piece (compared to an internet average of 15 seconds). Mark Dixon, io’s CTO, was also asked to present at an SPE conference after the organisers read his piece entitled ‘Why is the oil and gas industry so scared of change?