Diversity, Equity + Inclusion

We are committed to creating an inclusive culture in which everyone feels they belong and are inspired to reach their full potential. We know that is always in beta – we work at this every day to achieve our ambition to make H+K London truly reflect the rich diversity of London, in every possible way.  

We work hard to ensure that women are heard and hold power and influence in our business. Women now occupy over 60% of senior roles and our leadership board has a 60-40 female to male split. We embraced flexible working before the pandemic and support all colleagues to manage their work/life blend in a way that suits them. The figures we reported in 2021 showed a significant narrowing of the gender pay gap. Read our 2021 H+K Gender Pay Gap Report here.

We have increased the ethnic diversity of the agency, in the last year alone we have more than doubled the number of people of colour in our workforce.

But we know that structural changes are only part of the answer which is why we are committed to making equally important changes to our culture. This work is driven through EquALL, a  programme we launched almost five years ago to ensure that all voices – loud, quiet, younger, older, of any ethnic origin, background, geography, sexuality or religion – are not just heard, but listened to and harnessed to create a culture that makes our work and workplace the best it can be. This culture allows us to have open and honest conversations around issues like racism, toxic masculinity and homophobia, often led by external speakers as well as those with lived experience amongst our own ranks.

We also celebrate the different cultures and heritages we have in our business through food, music and discussion.  This is also reflected in our flexible public holiday policy where everyone can swap the standard UK public holidays and instead elect to take days of personal significance based on their own beliefs and identity.

Finally, we also value the role that diverse perspectives and thinking bring to creativity and pride ourselves in ensuring that the ideas we bring to clients are inclusive, representative and diverse from the start.  

To read our DE+I recruitment charter, please go here.

Futures Council

At H+K London we are exceptionally proud of our Futures Council – a junior advisory board tasked with looking at how we innovate our business and shape the future of public relations.

The Futures Council represents all aspects of our business. It’s made up of high performing individuals that have been nominated by their colleagues and MD to champion the views and interest of their teams. The membership is reviewed on a bi-annual basis, spreading the opportunity across more people in the business.

As an agency we believe in open innovation – that everyone is empowered and accountable for creating the agency they want to be a part of – and the Futures Council helps realise this core principle. Alongside our traditional leadership committee, the Futures Council enables us to benefit from the fresh thinking and new ideas of more junior talent; our future leaders already making their mark and co-creating what their company will become.

The Futures Council is chaired by Claire Holden, our Chief Innovation Officer, and the council presents their business recommendations to the Executive Leadership Committee, led by CEO, Simon Whitehead.


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