Febreze wanted to transform car freshness from ‘ignored’ to ‘indispensable’ and to drive consideration and purchase of Febreze Car.
H+K wanted to prove that this product worked and decided to send three consumers on the ultimate “Road Trip from Smell”. Armed with nothing but a Febreze car clip, on a road trip that included a series of smelly challenges, transporting pigs, delivering the most potent of takeaways and rescuing wet dogs. Each challenge was judged by an expert. Adding some glamour to the outing, ambassador, Denise Van Outen, waved off the adventurers and welcomed them back by inviting real consumers into the car to prove once all for all whether Febreze was up to the task (UK noses agreed – it was!)
H+K captured the adventures in a series of web-isodes so the general public could follow along. The content created was exceptionally engaging and became part of public conversation; 1.8m views of the online episodes, engagement of 9% (12x brand average) on promoted Facebook posts, >500m earned media impressions incl; The Weekend Show, Good Housekeeping, 5 hits on Dailymail.co.uk, Hello Magazine and 50 radio clips. The campaign also delivered outstanding business results; 1.5 m trialists in only 3 months, +45% vs same time in previous year.