17th-19th October – The H+K Energy and Industrials team and The Studio ran an experiential campaign for E.ON on London’s Southbank, named the E.ON Recharge Retreat.

A calming three-day retreat aimed at recharging the mind, body and soul on London’s Southbank is not an event you would assume is synonymous with a utility brand. But E.ON wanted to challenge perceptions of what a utility brand typically does.

This allowed for the team to be creative – coming up with a final idea that focused on giving busy Londoners a tranquil oasis to recharge themselves while utilising the power of E.ON’s solar + storage energy solutions. Working alongside H+K’s The Studio, the retreat itself was designed to be made up of three immersive cabins, one for the mind, body and soul. Each cabin was linked with its own ambassador – Jasmine Hemsley, Roxie Nafousi and Roger Frampton – who held workshops on their respective expertise.

The “mind” cabin allowed members of the public to sit in cocoon seating within a totally reflective shell, giving them time to be mindful and reflect themselves as they recharged their minds. In the “body” cabin visitors got their heart rates up and challenged each other on exercise bikes, before sampling re-energising smoothies from the Detox Kitchen in the “soul” cabin. The Retreat’s overarching ambassador, TV and radio presenter Melanie Sykes, was chosen as an embodiment of many of the key messages of the campaign – keen on fitness and good food, while also professing the benefits of meditation to stay recharged and cheerful through a busy schedule.

The week commencing 15th October was marked as the most fatigued week in the UK, with nearly half of Brits feeling more drained than 2017 and in need of a recharge. The event then, along with tips from the ambassadors, was the way of combating this feeling of needing a pick-me-up.

The event allowed all those who entered an opportunity to get away from their busy London lives, even just for a brief moment, and take in the experience on offer from the E.ON brand that was well and truly people focused.