In 2016, Robinsons is on a mission to get the nation to Enjoy Drinking More Water. H+K were briefed to launch the new campaign platform with a bang. We had two goals: to create awareness and drive consumer engagement.
To kick-start the activity, we conducted a poll which revealed that 70% of Brits are going seven hours or more without a single glass of water. Our research also showed that one in six people believe alcohol counts towards their recommended daily intake!
Before we launched the campaign to consumers, we wanted to ensure we built advocacy for the campaign amongst key stakeholders in the nutrition world. To do this, we worked with independent nutritionist Helen Bond to run a series of briefings with media facing dietitians and GPs to educate them on the campaign and build a network of support should we be questioned on the campaign. Simultaneously, a stakeholder briefing programme, targeting organisations including Change4Life and the British Dietetic Association was put in place to ensure all players in the debate were educated on the programme.
Armed with this network of advocates and some eye-opening stats, we then released a story to national media and held a broadcast day using Helen Bond as our spokesperson which targeted key national and regional titles to highlight the problem. The story achieved a strong media response, generating a reach of over 111million and more than 50 pieces of national print, online and broadcast coverage – including Sky News, Mirror Online and The Sun.
However, we didn’t want to just highlight the problem, we wanted to provide the solution! Understanding that only 22% of Brits ‘love’ the taste of water, we created the Squash Squad, a crack team of delivery drivers who navigated three cities: London, Birmingham and Manchester, in their hydration vehicles.