This November, Glasgow will host the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26). While a COP event happens every year, COP26 is particularly important – the most significant since 2015’s game-changing Paris Agreement.

To start the ‘road to COP26’, H+K London will be joined by a panel of experts from the world of climate policy, politics, and business to provide a practical guide for brands looking to engage with the summit. The session will include consideration of:

  • Why is this summit important and what will it mean for organisations going forward;
  • Key opportunities for how businesses can engage with the COP;
  • Communication opportunities for brands working on their sustainability plans;
  • An opportunity to ask our COP veterans your questions and seek their advice.

We are delighted by joined by expert speakers from the UK COP team and leading climate change think tank E3G. Designed for a non-technical audience, they will share advice on how businesses and brands can practically engage in the run-up to and during the Summit

The intimate discussion will consist of a one-hour virtual moderated discussion, led by H+K’s Managing Director of Better Impact, Chris Pratt.

Please join us on Thursday, 18 February 2021, 1-2PM GMT

About our speakers:

Maya Freedman, Head of Business Engagement and Sponsorship, Partnerships and Engagement, COP26
Maya is Head of Business Engagement and Sponsorship for the COP26 Unit. She has been working on international climate change strategy and policy since 2016. She joined the civil service in December 2006 and during that time has worked on a variety of policy areas including fuel poverty and energy policy.

Tom Burke, Chairman, E3G
Tom has advised governments and business in relation to the UNFCCC, and attended and helped to organise many COP events. He is a Trustee of Climate Advisors UK and is Visiting Professor at both Imperial and University Colleges, London. He was the Executive Director of Friends of the Earth in the late seventies, of the Green Alliance for most of the eighties and was a Special Advisor to three Secretaries of State for the Environment from 1991-97.

Nick Maybe, Chief Executive & Founder Director, E3G
Present at COPs since COP1 in 1995, Nick is CEO of E3G and a well-respected leader of the climate community. He was senior advisor in the UK Prime Minister’s Strategy Unit leading work on climate change, here he was seconded to help establish the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s Environment Policy Department and climate diplomacy network in 1999. Nick has also been instrumental in leading London Climate Action Week since its founding in 2019.

Chris Pratt, MD, Better Impact, H+K
Chris is Managing Director of H+K’s Better Impact team, working with clients to deliver a better impact for people and the planet. Chris has worked with clients to transform their businesses in response to climate change for the last ten years. With a background in campaigning and public affairs, Chris has campaigned for the renewable energy and low carbon transport industries to deliver policy change to support decarbonisation. Five years ago Chris worked with E3G to prepare the ground for a successful COP21, which forged the Paris Climate Agreement. This year he will be doing the same in the run up to COP26 and is leading H+K’s COP26 team, helping clients to engage in this important event for setting more ambitious action on climate change.

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