The country faces an unparalleled set of economic problems stemming from the Chancellor’s mini budget which sits atop spiralling energy costs, double-digit inflation and a crisis in health and social care. Businesses are seeking clarity around these issues as they make their investment decisions.

Prime Minister Truss’s Growth Plan has not had the impact that she might have hoped for while Labour appears to be consolidating a record poll lead as we head towards a general election in 2024. Public affairs teams, therefore, are recalibrating their approaches in a fast-moving political environment where insight and intelligence are key.

To understand the potential scenarios in the weeks and months to come we will be joined by a senior political journalist and commentator from the Daily Telegraph (the ‘house’ journal of the Conservative Party) for an exclusive briefing session.

Key points of discussion will include: 

  • What key changes can we expect from the Truss era on growth, tax and investment, green transition and international relations?
  • What can we expect from MPs now that they are back from conference?
  • What are Labour’s plans and can they win a general election?
  • The importance of good public affairs intelligence in planning commercial strategies.

Our speaker
Christopher Hope is a leading lobby journalist and commentator for the Daily Telegraph. He also runs Choppers Politics which is one of the top-ranking political podcasts. His insights into the personalities, key learnings and takeaways from recent weeks will be valuable for all participants.

If you would like to join, please RSVP to