First day at MWC19 and hard, if not impossible, to avoid the primary focus of this year’s show: 5G. It´s plastered everywhere, in big letters, on every stand, in every slogan, in every advert – as a result, the hype of 5G is reaching new heights. Though MWC19 started today, some device manufacturers chose to make 5G products announcements already over the weekend. Huawei, one of the expo’s largest sponsors, introduced the Mate X, called the “world’s fastest foldable 5G phone.” Similarly, Xiaomi launched a 5G-compatible version of the Mi Mix 3 it released last year (it now comes with a slide-out selfie camera, too). LG unveiled its V50 ThinQ 5G. Intel, Qualcomm, Ericsson and many other manufacturers of hardware and software are all launching products and services at MWC19 on the 5G platform. 5G is the industry´s latest platform, billed as a new kind of network that will support an array of devices and services and provide unrivalled connection.

So what kind of connectivity can we expect? Well, a connectivity that will provide some very cool products and services, albeit in the future. MWC19 is all about the future. On display at MWC19 this year is the world´s first 5G aerial taxi from Qatar operator Ooredoo, model-sized 5G-connected vehicles at the Samsung stand, and robots playing music over 5G at the ZTE stand. This all is just a glimpse of the eye-catching, 5G-capable displays at MWC19.

As the conference continues, I expect to come across an ever-increasing number of companies releasing new products, focusing on services and innovations, and relying and aiding our forthcoming 5G existences. They will include more powerful networking equipment, more versatile smartphones, more consumer and enterprise services running on 5G and more new technology for 5G experiences. Take Taiwanese electronics company HTC for example – today they unveiled he HTC 5G Hub, a 5G hotspot. The Hub will run on Sprint’s network in the U.S., allowing 20 people access to the ultra-fast connectivity simultaneously. Along with 5G (and 4G) speeds, the device is also a media hub thanks to its 5-inch display, speakers and full Android Pie software. Users can make video calls over Skype or check their Gmail; it can even serve as a backup battery for charging smartphones. Every company at MWC19 wants 5G to deliver all these services and more. So the message is loud and clear from the 2,400 companies exhibiting at MWC19: Give me 5G!