H+K HER’s mentorHER program provides women opportunities to engage with women across the firm, discuss challenges and opportunities, broaden their networks, and diversify their perspectives. And for men and women interested in mentorship through a global lens, we have the Global Virtual Mentoring Program.
But there are also those mentorships that blossom naturally when you meet someone within the firm or industry who inspires you, someone whose career path or work ethic you admire, and most importantly, someone you can see yourself connecting with easily. For Barbara Melchin, Vice President, San Francisco, she found such a mentor in Kevin Elliott, Senior Vice President, San Francisco. She shared why Kevin is the definition of a great mentor.

If you looked up “mentor” in the dictionary, you’d find Kevin’s picture there. Long before there were any formal mentoring programs, he was a mentor to so many folks. He is extremely generous with his advice and counsel, as those on the receiving end, including me, will attest. He comes from a very authentic place and is truly interested in helping any and all staff, both for their own development and to help the firm grow our talent. He doesn’t sugarcoat his counsel, so what he says resonates.

– Barbara, Mentee