Cannes, 21st June, 2016 – Hill+Knowlton Strategies unveils its new influencer mapping dashboard, Sherlock+, at Cannes Lions today.

Built in partnership with Brandwatch, the social intelligence company, it provides a unique, real-time perspective on the people that have the most impact across eight different industries and 45 core topics.

The dashboard is created using ‘VIP lists’ of key influencers across each subject, designed by H+K’s sector experts. These are then extended using data-driven network analysis of the interactions, engagements and relationships that surround these super-influencers, which are then ranked according to true impact, all in real-time.

Influence changes on a daily basis; based on the news agenda, someone’s mood, and especially by subject. Sherlock+ is tracking these variations constantly, which leads to less time searching and more time finding, knowing & creating great work with them.

Sherlock+ goes beyond your ‘little black book’ by using our data to work out who will truly be the most valuable from within a network of contacts, but also builds on this to factor in a unique approach to network analysis,” said Greg Lee, Head of Indirect Revenues at Brandwatch.

The changed world of influence

We know the impact of influencers for brands: while the average click through rate of a banner ad is around 0.10% and for a Facebook post you might get this up to 2.09%, an influencer post can command upwards of 16+%.

Yet the ‘usual suspects’ are often overused, or influencers are simply chosen for social media reach alone.

The way we work with influencers has changed, evolving from a purely PR led exercise to something marketers can leverage to create bigger value,” said Vikki Chowney, Director of Content + Publishing Strategies at H+K. “The usual suspects aren’t the only option, and when they get overused, it’s no good for anyone. Sherlock+ is our solution to this black book fatigue.”