H+K Beijing’s GPA team had an awesome time exploring southwest China!
Throughout the year, teams across H+K Beijing’s office have been venturing out across China for their annual outings – exploring what it means to be part of the H+K China family and having the chance to spend some meaningful time with colleagues beyond the office.
Last week, the Government and Public Affairs (GPA) team took their turn and set off for the city of Tengchong in Yunnan province, just across the border from Myanmar. They packed as much as possible into a few days – from leisurely strolls along the waterfront of an ancient town to death-defying ascents in hot air balloons, sampling the local cuisine at a fish farm to scaling the heights of a mountain to tour a stunning temple.
Most importantly, no one threw anyone else off the rather ominously named “Sacrifice Cliff” – and while that may not seem like the highest bar for success, they managed to sidestep one of the greatest risks for any organization’s team-building exercises. Ultimately, they landed back in Beijing on Sunday at 2am – tired, some limping from the mountain excursions, but on the whole, very happy after a fantastic experience.