H+K London is pleased to announce the launch of its new neuroinclusion group, UNMASK as part of its continued push to ensure the agency is a truly inclusive place to work.

The word ‘neurodiverse’ is currently used as an umbrella term to describe people with a neurological difference that causes them to think, act, process information, and communicate in a way that is different from the majority. This encompasses conditions including ADHD, autism, Tourette’s, dyslexia, dyscalculia, dyspraxia, and others.

With increased awareness and dialogue about neurodiversity, many neurodivergent people now feel empowered to stop ‘trying to fit in’ and embrace their authentic selves. In the neurodivergent community, this process is referred to as ‘unmasking’. When supported and accommodated properly in the workplace, neurodivergent minds can bring fresh perspectives, passion and creativity, and unique problem-solving approaches.

UNMASK will be a safe space for neurodivergent H+Kers to meet, share experiences and support each other through regular group meet-ups, 1-2-1 chats, and online channels. As well as creating a sense of community for neurodivergent employees, the group will also drive increased education and awareness within the agency about neurodiversity and how to harness the strengths of neurodivergent people.

As part of Neurodiversity Celebration Week (13th-19th March), UNMASK is hosting its first Lunch+Learn with ADHD UK. ​Henry Shelford, CEO, and co-founder of ADHD UK was diagnosed later in life and has since made it his mission to help people with ADHD thrive. He will be joining us to explain more about the condition and talk through the various challenges and strengths of people with ADHD.

It’s correct to assume that we all know at least one neurodivergent person, be it friends, family or colleagues, and UNMASK will help to continue raising awareness of, and support our own community at H+K.