Learning + Development

Dr. Seuss says, “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go”. I agree with Dr. Seuss. Not only because this quote reflects our ethos within L+D, but also because Learning is about growing; your mind, your skills, your expertise, and that is what we love to see at H+K.
Deema Kingsmill-Moore
Head of Learning + Development

Learning + Development (L+D) is intrinsically laced into our culture and is a cornerstone of our agency.

We want The Hub (our L+D platform) to provide the best training a PR consultant can get in London, so we are constantly investing in and improving our offer to ensure it is both inclusive and diverse in tone and character. Our two full time trainers manage the programme and work with a wider group of senior colleagues trained as facilitators, each bringing their own skillset, experience and passion.

Our overall training programme, Advance, is structured in modular form. Designed to be learner centric, every module is developed in response to the specific needs of our business. All staff are expected and given time to complete modules at their level before they advance within the company. This gives our people extraordinary progression over time; someone who stays with us from Account Executive to Account Director will achieve what is essentially a Master’s in Communications. They graduate to our Advance+ programme for Account Directors and above, and a Director Development Programme. 

We also work with external providers to diversify our training offer, with 2021 partners including Laughology, MIND charity, Wood Not Trees, and Adjust. H+Kers can benefit further from WPP training and development.

Unleashing the power of neurodiversity at work

15% of the UK workforce is estimated to be neurodiverse. It’s a benign-sounding term, but when you consider it accounts for a range of conditions including dyslexia, dyscalculia, ADHD, Tourette syndrome, autism, dyspraxia, and mental health there is reason for

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Our approach to learning + development

Learning and Development is a term applied to most aspects of training and career growth opportunities. Put simply, it is the mechanism by which businesses invest in their talent, employees curate their career path and leaders then access the skills

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Our Hub Team

Deema Kingsmill-Moore
Head of L+D

Deema Kingsmill-Moore has been a strategic communicator for over 25 years, working on some of the world’s most recognized and dynamic brands.  She has a passion for travel, communication, community and learning and development.

She believes that continuous, life-long learning is key to a fulfilling and successful career, and that The Hub exists to offer those learning opportunities, whatever the designation or experience.

Ruth Taylor
L+D Co-Ordinator

Ruth Taylor has been with main point of contact for The Hub, H+K’s bespoke L+D offer, since its launch 12 years ago.

Ruth is passionate about supporting neurodiversity within the agency to ensure L+D is inclusive, offering tailored solutions for those with a unique learning style, as well as seeking to educate the broader agency on the topic of neurodiversity in the workplace.