Twitter can be an echo chamber when it comes to politics, but it comes into its own on election night, as commentators get increasingly delirious waiting for results. With a PlayStation-style parliament, swing-o-meters, exits polls and recounts in the early hours, by 6am Twitter was awash with gifs, memes and pictures of Lord Buckethead.

In typical Brit style, even in such an intense and serious moment, people still were able to see the lighter side of things. The election day itself wasn’t short of memes, with #DogsAtPollingStations a particular hit of the day – but things really took off at 10pm, when the shock exit poll came in.

It didn’t take people watching the ITV election coverage long to notice that George Osborne was looking a just a little bit smug at the exit polls…

Although we were reminded not to take exit polls as a given….
With the exit poll also came @JohnCurticeOnTv:
It was the BBC’s coverage of election night that provided most of the lols during the early hours, as people waited for results to come in. The big treat at every election is Jeremy Vine roving around in a 90s style virtual reality House of Commons:

There was quite a lot of time to be filled, so John Curtice and David Dimbleby got creative:

Then the results started to come through…

For anyone outside the UK watching the counts, it would be understandable if they were a little bemused by some of the quirks of British politics:

And embarrassed at our ability to successfully execute a high-five:

But for the Tories, reality must have begun to set in.

Leading to lots of speculation that Theresa May will end up resigning….

Perhaps next time, the Prime Minister will be more cautious when answering a question on the ‘naughtiest thing she’s ever done’: