Artificial Intelligence has made a huge impact on human interaction with machines, in industries such as finance, healthcare, travel, utility, and telecom. It’s only right, then, that AI should be exploited by exhibitors at MWC19. The show features robots like the XR series robots, the Smart Service Robot that can man reception areas, and a surveillance robot that can detect the presence of strangers, all powered by AI. Impressive to see them in action, but the biggest development of AI has been its ability to go mobile.

Mobile AI can execute and complete monotonous jobs which would be extremely exhausting for people. It is also used to seek out areas with extreme detail by utilizing augmented reality. Mobile AI is essential in fields that require a high level of accuracy and exactness. Microsoft demonstrated many enterprising applications this year through its HoloLens 2 demos and product launch.

Adoption of mobile AI is propelled by the increasing demand for AI-capable processors in mobile devices, the increasing number of AI applications, and the rapid growth of cognitive computing. Both Android and iOS are integrating AI and machine learning (ML) in various apps, and that is very evident at MWC19.  Moreover, with AI and ML, decision-making has become a lot quicker and more precise by accumulating a huge volume of information.

Future versions of Android and iOS will see more features and apps integrated with AI and ML, but what will these capabilities bring to mobile technology? Firstly, it will give users sophisticated search engines, as AI and ML have produced a new search method using images and voice, unlike text mode. Secondly, because of the integrated AI and ML in mobile apps, it has now become compulsory for Android developers to create an image and voice system. Thirdly, AI is going to make drastic changes by collecting all real-time data and processing so that devices learn to function on their own.

Further use of AI is in cameras: they will get clever! The AI will work with the smartphone camera’s interface to easily detect subjects in the frame like food, landscapes, or fireworks. This AI tweaks camera settings to get the best possible image. This stuff can be done manually now, but, in the future, would be instantly optimized by the phone.



Other mobile AI capabilities include translating languages in real time thanks to AI and ML integration, removing the need for an internet connection.

Remember the launch of iPhone X in September 2017? Today, face unlock has become one of the most popular features in Apple phones. Apple uses AI and ML-based algorithms for its Face ID unlocking system. With the combination of premium hardware and software, the artificial intelligence system works to identify its users face and unlock. Expect more AI-based security features. In the coming years, we will see more smartphone makers like Android implementing the face unlock feature via AI-processing.

AI has a very big responsibility when we talk about cybersecurity. With ever-changing technology and the increasing smartphone use, we all need an advanced level of data security. Thus, while developing new Android apps, security is one of the biggest concerns for Android developers. In the future, AI and ML will utilize user behavior patterns to detect potential unusual behavior and trigger threat alerts, alleviating security concerns.

Mobile AI in the coming years is going to be fully integrated into 5G smartphones. Users can get all the benefits of AI and ML, potentially collecting, storing, and processing all data in real-time. A faster data flow from 5G will result in a faster and more user-friendly experience. With AI you will get an advanced, personalized user experience. With mobile AI it won’t just be your phone – it will be your connected car, connected home and connected world.

If you think this is a far and distant future, think again. The BMW iNext concept car on display at MWC19, with its avant-garde design and “smooth as chocolatey” lines, is a good example of how this technology will translate into our everyday lives. This car merges all the key mobility technologies into a single vehicle: highly automated, fully connected, and, yes, mobile AI ready. Your favorite songs, most-used maps, top restaurants, and “go to” places all at your fingertips, and that is real! There is nothing artificial about AI in MWC19.