More than ever before, businesses must interpret and adapt to changing political and regulatory environments worldwide, as well as shifting cultural and societal expectations impacting their licence to operate.

This is why we created FutureSight™ – combining H+K’s public affairs, industry and communications expertise to help futureproof global businesses.

We partner with clients across industries to explore the global issues that impact their business performance. We identify how unfolding global developments impact their business, operations, and reputation.

Harnessing the political acumen, policy expertise, industry knowledge and societal insight from across the H+K network, we deliver comprehensive analysis and scenario planning that gives clients actionable foresight to support decision making and strategic planning.

"Geopolitical risk is at the top of the CEO agenda. Organisations need to strategically invest in capabilities, people, processes, structures, and technology to navigate the risks arising from an evolving and fraught geopolitical landscape."

Economic Conditions Outlook, McKinsey Global Institute, September 2022

Situating specific problems in their economic, political + geopolitical context, we advise clients on a wide range of complex, interrelated issues: helping them to navigate their most pressing challenges.

Based on robust analysis, we counsel clients to explore the implications of various scenarios, laying out decisions that will need to be made, questions that they should be ready to answer, and opportunities for timely engagement with their stakeholders and employees on the issues that matter for them. Armed with this intelligence, H+K can then support clients in addressing those challenges.

Our agile approach provides a tailored solution to unique client problems, helping executives to take + implement business-critical decisions through:





Risk Impact Assessments



Scenario Planning


Monitoring + Analysis
of Geopolitical Trends
& Events

We help clients to:
  • Understand their unique situation

  • Anticipate challenges

  • Identify and approve solutions

  • Mitigate business and reputational risks

  • Seize opportunities

  • Meet the expectations of stakeholders, employees and consumers

Dominic Fean

Director, Global Public Affairs


H+K delivers deep industry knowledge combined with specialist areas of expertise. We understand our clients’ ecosystem and how to engage their audiences.
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Specialist expertise

We integrate core disciplines to deliver deep industry knowledge combined with specialist areas of ‘ideas + strategy’, ‘content creation’ and ‘publishing’.
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