H+K’s heartbeat is in earned-first thinking and our influencer work reflects that. We specialise in relationship-building influencers with credible media value or those who make investments work harder because they drive real conversation.  

Whether it’s working with topic experts who add credibility or top tier creators that spark media interest, we apply a balance of art and science honed over decades of work in this space to identify the right people, understand their impact across paid earned shared and owned and make sure content reflects comms objectives.

Our team
Our Influencer + Partnerships teams sit right at the heart of our Innovation + Creativity hubs across our network globally, to seamlessly integrate our creative consultants with our specialist services and business intelligence. 

Influencer + Partnerships is a subset of our Content + Publishing group. There are unique skills needed for influencer engagement, and this is born out of an understanding of what truly great content looks like and how it needs to perform.

How we work
We take a 360 approach to our influencer work to always consider how we can fully utilise the content created with our influencer partners. We understand how to incorporate influencer work into broader PR, social, paid and ATL activations and can help, with the support of our wider C+P team and other specialist teams, to navigate the implementation and/or amplification of influencer content across each of these.​

As well as providing clients with UK, EMEA and Global influencer strategies to be activated end-to-end we also work with clients to develop playbooks, toolkits and workshops that look at sustainability, diversity + inclusivity, data + analytics, risk management as well as to advice on the latest industry updates.

Influence+ is our data-driven, human-optimized end-to-end solution for engaging influencers of every kind, from selection and vetting through to campaign management, paid optimization, measurement, and analysis.

This process utilises our private influencer network, built with CreatorIQ, that curates our experience and knowledge of creators around the world.

Helen Wood

Head of Content + Publishing Strategy

Our Influence+™ news + insights


H+K delivers deep industry knowledge combined with specialist areas of expertise. We understand our clients’ ecosystem and how to engage their audiences.
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Specialist expertise

We integrate core disciplines to deliver deep industry knowledge combined with specialist areas of ‘ideas + strategy’, ‘content creation’ and ‘publishing’.
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