We are hosting a panel at the #PRovoke18 conference, Applying the Science of Human Behavior to the Art of Communications. Join us on Twitter and Facebook for live updates. The event will be live-streamed as well.

Date: October 24, 1:30 PM EST
Location: The Watergate Hotel, Washington, D.C.

About the panel: 

As communicators we have always known that people act in ways that are often surprising and seemingly irrational. People do not always switch to a better or cheaper product. Employees are sometimes resistant to change that would benefit both them and their company. Almost all of us do not save, exercise or eat as healthily as we know we should. But it’s only in the last decade or so that behavioral science has begun to help us really understand why this is. To put it simply: our feelings and habits not only influence how we think, but are more important than our conscious and rational thoughts. What we then do, our behavior, is likewise not usually driven by rational thought.

It’s led to the creation of teams of behavioral economists and similar specialists in government and business.

The PR industry needs to catch-up. We’ve moved on from the days where our primary expertise was a knowledge of how the media works. As more of our communications become direct to audience, we need to become expert in the science of how people actually think, behave and make decisions.

In this interactive session, hear from Jenny Isaacson, VP of Strategic Projects and Partnerships at the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network on their latest campaign including how they used behavioral science to inform their messages, learn from one of H+K’s leading Behavioral Scientists Thea Knight and put yourselves to the test – do you really know yourself as well as you think…?

About Thea: 

Thea is a senior behavioral strategist in H+K Smarter, specializing in bringing behavioral insights to life for communicators. With over 10 years’ experience in communications roles at companies such as HSBC and State Street Corporation, and an MSc in behavioral science, Thea applies a unique set of expertise to communication challenges.

Thea completed an MSc in behavioral science in 2016, after seeing opportunities where behavioral science could add value to communications. She now applies behavioral science insights across a range of industries, including healthcare, energy, technology and human resources.

Her most recent work was with Ford where she led an experiment to show how empathy can lead to behavior change. She worked with Ford to create ‘Wheelswap’ the first ever use of virtual reality to change both driver and cyclist behavior on the road.

Thea is a seasoned presenter with extensive experience hosting workshops for some of the world’s largest organizations. You can check out her work below.

Improve your internal communications through behavioral science By: Thea Knight

About Jenny: 

Jenny has more than 25 years of experience in development, marketing and communications and volunteer management. As Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network, Jenny is responsible for the overall management and direction of the organization’s strategic partnerships and large scale projects, including the World Pancreatic Cancer Coalition, a group of more than 70 pancreatic cancer organizations in over 30 countries working to raise awareness and rewrite history for the world’s toughest cancer.

Jenny joined the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network in 2012 in the newly-created position of Vice President, Community Engagement, serving as an integral member of the senior leadership team and responsible for individual and corporate giving, and the organization’s national volunteer affiliate program.  In 2015, Jenny became Vice President, Marketing & Communications, responsible for the development of the organization’s marketing, public relations and communications strategy. She transitioned to Vice President of Strategic Partnerships in 2017.

She started her non-profit career at the Starlight Children’s Foundation where she held several positions in communications, brand marketing and fundraising.

Jenny lives in Los Angeles, CA with her husband, Barry Isaacson, a feature film producer, their two young adult children, and a pair of Ocicats which resemble snow leopards.

Pancreas Matters letter By: Jenny Isaacson