The past decade has seen the amount of data we produce from our everyday lives expand exponentially. By 2025, the IDC estimates humans will interact with data every 18 seconds.

Data science, engineering and AI are all increasingly important for the future of communications. Still, for many PR teams, big data can seem miles away from the day-to-day. But focusing its use in a few key areas can make a big difference.

In a new report, created by H+K London’s Managing Director of Data + Analytics, Allison Spray, we dive into five of the most significant trends of 2021 and discuss how the best teams will harness data to make ideas and campaigns more impactful than ever before:

  1. Augmented analytics: With so much data on offer, smart technologies are helping everyone get involved – and get to insight quicker.
  2. Audience insights: We’re moving beyond passive data collection and thinking about putting the audience first.
  3. Testing, 1, 2: From uniquely created controlled environments to dark posts, opportunities to test, learn and evolve abound.
  4. Data as storyteller: Beyond surveys: there’s a lot more data can do to create engaging campaigns.
  5. Evolved measurement: As measurement journeys are evolving internally, how can we reframe what good looks like?

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Big Data Report 2021