2020 had a dramatic impact on communications; arguably, no other year will affect our craft more. Far beyond the hyper-visible impact of accelerated tech adoption and digital migration – changing the medium of communication – it had a deep-rooted impact on the tone and content of our stories.

This impact will continue to be felt, with the biggest trends grown in 2020 set to stay strong in 2021. These changes will crucially affect how and what we communicate as brand guardians.

In a new report, created by H+K London’s Chief Innovation Officer, Claire Holden, we dive into five of the most significant trends that we think will evolve and characterise the year ahead – as well as how savvy brands can make the most of them:

  1. Virtual storytelling: Remote working and rapid tech adoption has driven new forms of brand experiences for both media and consumers.
  2. Get real!: RIP the perfect picture. 2020 created comfort in the low-fi, a need for empathy in people’s hard realities, and clarity on heroes.
  3. Inclusive communication: Diversity of every form. And across every touchpoint; teams, content, spokespeople and more.
  4. Channel changes: Going to where the audience is has got more complex… and more exciting.
  5. Politicised brands: Getting off the fence to drive true societal and political change.

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Innovation Report 2021