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Entertainment has changed. From gaming to live events, on-demand content, music, podcasts and film, even travel; technology has evolved the experience to always-on, available whenever, wherever.

People have an almost endless supply of whatever entertainment they choose – there is no need for one-size-fits-all, for mainstream. Everything is niche. 

As such, entertainment brands, platforms and IP franchises face a fierce battle for attention. For people’s valued leisure time. 

At H+K Entertainment we specialise in understanding specific audiences – through data, analytics and insight – how and where to engage them, and understanding how to build creative campaigns that align with brand and business objectives. 

We’re a young, diverse team of creatives, strategists, media relations experts, tuned into current culture who know how to tell stories for earned media, and we’d love to hear from you. 

Freddy Davies

Managing Director, Entertainment + Leisure

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Behind all of our insight-led ideas and communication strategies is a deep understanding of data and analytics, creativity, innovation and master storytelling.
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