Make Time for Amazing – Day 1 at CES

by H+K United Kingdom

January 9, 2018

Make Time for Amazing – Day 1 at CES

CES day one

The first day of CES was dominated by two major themes – delivering amazing new experiences and saving people time with technology. For news on the top gadgets and blow-by-blow accounts of the major keynotes, check out Kent German’s day one round-up on CNET or follow James Laird’s live updates on Trusted Reviews. New consumer … Read more

 CES 2018: Trends to Watch out for at This Year’s Show

The annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas this week is set to be packed with interesting announcements from the big players of the tech scene as well as some start-up newcomers. A handful of gadgets have already made their debut at the CES Unveiled event ahead of the show’s official opening, but what … Read more

WALL-E, Take the Wheel!: Facing Up to Our Driverless Futures

Driving Road

Buckle up… are we ready to let WALL-E take the wheel? In case you weren’t paying attention, there are robots on the horizon. Some of them want to drive your car. And the horizon isn’t far off, either. Many automotive manufacturers suggest that we’ll be sharing the road with autonomous vehicles in the next three … Read more