Sustainability, transformation and magical thinking

by H+K United Kingdom

February 22, 2017

Sustainability, transformation and magical thinking

Depending on which echo chamber you listen to, sustainability and transformation plans (STPs) are either ways to transform health and social services or secret proposals to slash services so the NHS reaps £22 billion in efficiency savings. Healthcare think tank the King’s Fund today describes STPs as the “best hope”  for transforming health and social … Read more

Censoring the Internet: 99 problems but a glitch ain’t one

Welcome to THE BIG TECH QUESTION, a new monthly feature where we ask members of the H+K Technology team to debate the latest issues in tech and beyond.    Up first is: SHOULD THE INTERNET BE CENSORED? In the “Yes” camp is Joe McNamara: Let me start by saying that I’m broadly against censorship of any … Read more