Why Are So Many App Icons Blue?

by H+K Global

December 15, 2016

Why Are So Many App Icons Blue?

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. If that’s the case, designers are quite generous with their compliments, especially when it comes to brand logo colors and, by extension, mobile application icons. Open your smartphone home screen: See a lot of blue? We thought so. In entrepreneur and blogger Stuart Hall’s “The Colors … Read more

Why your B2B brand needs to be on Instagram

With the news this week that Instagram has created a function for users to contact businesses directly on the platform, attention has once again turned to the brands using it. Many businesses, particularly B2B brands, are reluctant to use it, viewing it purely as a consumer platform left to celebrities and high-end fashion brands. However, … Read more

The Purposeful Age: Brands and Society

We live in troubled times. Despite the tremendous advancements in technology, the world faces climate crisis, violence, poverty, discrimination and hatred. Should brands take a stand? Multiple studies say that people expect corporations to contribute to society. A report by Unilever shows a third of consumers buying from brands based on their social and environmental … Read more

The Return of Grand Narratives


In a recent interview, French President Emmanuel Macron argued that the absence of “grand narratives” in society has eroded public trust in political leadership and has constrained the aspirations of countries and their citizens. It’s a sentiment that President Macron’s predecessors Charles de Gaulle or François Mitterrand might have expressed, but one could easily envision … Read more