Been There, Done That

by Lars Erik Grønntun

Global President
November 10, 2016

Been There, Done That

The post mortem on the Clinton campaign has barely started and will likely go on for months, if not years. However, with one of the biggest upsets in US election history there is plenty of blame to go around and there will be as many explanations offered as there are failed pundits. But seen from … Read more

Article 50: Ones to watch

The triggering of Article 50 is an unprecedented event. If anyone tells you they know exactly how this process is going to unfold, don’t believe them. The political principals have themselves never been through such a confrontational negotiation with hitherto key allies and partners. It’s simply impossible to judge how personal and political affiliations will … Read more

Brexit Details Raise the Prospect for More Job Exits in Financial Services

The UK’s exit from the single market is giving many of those working in financial services, particularly those in managerial or regulatory roles, sleepless nights. The loss of financial passporting rights for London is the greatest risk to London’s place at the centre of the financial world in living memory. Theresa May’s speech about the … Read more

How Businesses Should Prepare for Policy Uncertainty

If there’s one thing that business has wanted from policymakers since time immemorial, it is certainty. Just tell us what the rules are, they say, then we can plan accordingly. Not knowing what your tax rate will be, not to mention when the U.S. federal government will reopen or what exactly will happen with Brexit, … Read more

Jack's Perspective: UK Election Results

With the results in from yesterday’s election in the United Kingdom, it appears that Conservative Prime Minister Theresa May’s strategy of calling for an early snap election to garner a “stronger mandate” to move the country forward with Brexit has failed. Prime Minister May’s gamble backfired, as did that of her predecessor, Prime Minister David … Read more

Continuity key for energy

The General Election result may not provide long-term certainty for energy. But it does provide continuity Under a Conservative minority government it could be argued that it is ‘business as usual’ for energy policy. Although the General Election result may not provide the long term certainty that many had hope for, it does at least … Read more

The Conservative Party Manifesto Launch: Transport Overview and Analysis

Key points: The Conservative manifesto is light on transport commitments. Despite this, it includes a prominent commitment to make Britain a world-leader in “electric vehicle technology and use”, making “almost every” car and van zero-emission by 2050, and investing £600m in helping to achieve this. Otherwise, it commits to continuing with current investment: putting about … Read more

Q&A with Paul Holmes: Populism, Rapid Change, and the Communications World

With PRovoke17 just days away, we sat down with Paul Holmes, founder of the Holmes Group, to hear his take on global politics and their effect on the communications world. In a new reality where communication between authority figures and the general public is swift and transparent, how does that impact the communications industry? I think there are … Read more