Febreeze: Driving brand recognition with humour

by H+K United Kingdom

December 13, 2016

Febreeze: Driving brand recognition with humour

Febreze wanted to transform car freshness from ‘ignored’ to ‘indispensable’ and to drive consideration and purchase of Febreze Car. H+K wanted to prove that this product worked and decided to send three consumers on the ultimate “Road Trip from Smell”. Armed with nothing but a Febreze car clip, on a road trip that included a … Read more

3 Questions with H+K US CEO Alex Jutkowitz

Leading up to Holmes Report’s Global PR Summit, PRovoke17, we asked Alexander Jutkowitz, H+K US CEO, to tell us his perspective on the changing communications landscape. Alex will join the event as a panelist discussing navigating change in a new reality.How can brands innovate faster in a world of uncertainty?It all starts with how you define uncertainty. … Read more