What exactly is an industrial strategy?

by H+K United Kingdom

June 29, 2017

What exactly is an industrial strategy?

What is Theresa May’s ‘industrial strategy’ exactly? No one at the Labour conference is too sure.  I have not heard a single business figure from the various transport, energy and infrastructure fringes I’ve been to get excited about it.  The reason for this goes beyond its vagueness. If we take two sectors as examples, energy … Read more

Future of Investigatory Powers Act unclear after EU ruling

In a landmark ruling today, the Investigatory Powers Act – a flagship but highly controversial piece of legislation of the current Conservative government – has been ruled illegal by the European Union’s Court of Justice. Ironically, the case government was originally brought to the court by Brexit minister David Davis before his appointment (against the … Read more

Conservatives make up for a lack of detail by inviting business to help set policy

At yesterday’s fringe events on energy and the industrial strategy there was a uniting theme. There is distinct lack of policy detail. When Ministers are asked to give their opening remarks it is more filibustering than the detail that industry is looking for. Whether this is Cabinet discipline or evidence of a policy vacuum is … Read more