When in Rome, Do as the Marketers Do at Eurobest

by H+K Global

March 14, 2017

When in Rome, Do as the Marketers Do at Eurobest

Virtual currency, self-driving cars, and AI with a real personality are no longer just possibilities. Our industry has changed to accommodate a world with these giddy inventions in a hyper-connected technological world. Last week, Europe’s experts in advertising, PR, and marketing gathered in Rome’s magnificent Palazzo Barberini for Eurobest, the world’s pre-eminent festival of creativity in … Read more

Hot topics at Lisbon Web Summit 2016

Lisbon played host to Web Summit this year – the first time where the event was held outside of Dublin. With over 21 conferences taking place across four pavilions and the MEO arena, the former EXPO ’98 venue provided the perfect home to Europe’s largest technology event. On opening night, there was a distinct air … Read more

Cannes trends across social

The Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity has come to an end for 2017. Last week, Allison Adams looked at what the most popular topics of conversation were across social media before the Festival began. Using our partner for social listening and Sherlock+, our proprietary tool, we used Brandwatch to analyse what the most anticipated sessions … Read more