Fringe event – Keeping the Lights on: New Statesman with ESB

by H+K United Kingdom

June 29, 2017

Fringe event – Keeping the Lights on: New Statesman with ESB

There was a good deal of agreement from the panel on the lamentable lack of a coherent, system-wide approach to keeping our lights on while addressing our need to reduce carbon emissions. Each took turns to explore the challenges that the energy industry and British economy more broadly faces in the coming decades. As expected … Read more

The Values Sharing Economy

When given the choice, people prefer to do business with companies who share their values. This creates a powerful incentive for businesses to exhibit and exemplify the values that are of the greatest importance to their customers, employees and shareholders. In fact, shared values should be the primary basis upon which companies engage with their … Read more

Finance Reacts

Leaders throughout the financial services industry react to the UK’s shock election result Martin Gilbert, CEO, Aberdeen Asset Management “The hope would be the result leads to a softer stance on Brexit, but it could also strengthen Europe’s hand. We will need to wait for Westminster to get its house in order – it is … Read more

China Unveils First Economic Blueprint for “New Era”

Guomao Skyline China

Sketching out the inaugural roadmap for the Chinese economy in President Xi’s second term, China’s most important annual economic meeting outlined the broad policy priorities for 2018-2020. The “three tough battles” identified including preventing and defusing major risks, especially financial vulnerabilities, alleviating poverty, and controlling environmental degradation. Any direct mention of deleveraging was notably absent … Read more