The 2016 Election Decision: Wow

by H+K United States

November 9, 2016

The 2016 Election Decision: Wow

Not one political or media pundit predicted this outcome. Donald Trump: Congratulations. Donald Trump rode a wave of anti-establishment anger to win what is perhaps the ugliest and most exhausting presidential election in history. This is our 90-second initial read on what the election of Donald Trump means for America and beyond. This morning, the … Read more

Been There, Done That

The post mortem on the Clinton campaign has barely started and will likely go on for months, if not years. However, with one of the biggest upsets in US election history there is plenty of blame to go around and there will be as many explanations offered as there are failed pundits. But seen from … Read more

Trump Election Puts Energy On Front Burner

Energy policy was largely missing in action during the contentious battle that was the 2016 U.S. presidential campaign. Yet, no economic sector – with the possible exception of healthcare – is likely to undergo greater policy disruption in a Trump Administration than energy. And the tectonic shifts in the U.S. policy landscape are already beginning … Read more

The Purposeful Age: Brands and Society

We live in troubled times. Despite the tremendous advancements in technology, the world faces climate crisis, violence, poverty, discrimination and hatred. Should brands take a stand? Multiple studies say that people expect corporations to contribute to society. A report by Unilever shows a third of consumers buying from brands based on their social and environmental … Read more

Finance Reacts

Leaders throughout the financial services industry react to the UK’s shock election result Martin Gilbert, CEO, Aberdeen Asset Management “The hope would be the result leads to a softer stance on Brexit, but it could also strengthen Europe’s hand. We will need to wait for Westminster to get its house in order – it is … Read more

The EU Reacts

Leaders throughout the EU react to the UK’s hung parliament Michel Barnier, EU Chief Brexit Negotiator  “Brexit negotiations should start when UK is ready; timetable and EU positions are clear. Let’s put our minds together on striking a deal.” {Via Twitter}  Donald Tusk, President of the European Council “We don’t know when Brexit talks start. We … Read more

What now for Labour

Labour has rarely been so excited about losing. What does it mean for the party and is this excitement justified? This was the election that everyone lost, but perhaps given how low expectations were for Jeremy Corbyn, he lost it the least. His party gained seats when it was expected to lose them, and in … Read more

Continuity key for energy

The General Election result may not provide long-term certainty for energy. But it does provide continuity Under a Conservative minority government it could be argued that it is ‘business as usual’ for energy policy. Although the General Election result may not provide the long term certainty that many had hope for, it does at least … Read more

#Mayday! How the election night unfolded on Twitter…

Twitter can be an echo chamber when it comes to politics, but it comes into its own on election night, as commentators get increasingly delirious waiting for results. With a PlayStation-style parliament, swing-o-meters, exits polls and recounts in the early hours, by 6am Twitter was awash with gifs, memes and pictures of Lord Buckethead. In … Read more