Trump Election Puts Energy On Front Burner

by Michael Kehs

Managing Director
November 10, 2016

Trump Election Puts Energy On Front Burner

Energy policy was largely missing in action during the contentious battle that was the 2016 U.S. presidential campaign. Yet, no economic sector – with the possible exception of healthcare – is likely to undergo greater policy disruption in a Trump Administration than energy. And the tectonic shifts in the U.S. policy landscape are already beginning … Read more

What We’ve Been Up To in London – 14th July

The WPP Ford team have this week been promoting the launch of the new Ford Transit Custom. The upgraded world’s favourite van starts production in late 2017 and sets the scene for Ford’s next major commercial vehicle innovation, the introduction of the zero-emission capable Plug-in Hybrid (PHEV) scheduled for 2019. Championing Ford’s green credentials that … Read more

Finding Common Ground in the Energy Mix


South Africa’s energy sector has been mired in controversy of late, leaving citizens in the dark as to where the country’s energy future is headed and what it will take to keep the lights on. Be it the delays in signing power purchase agreements for the renewables projects, the National Union of Metalworkers advocating for a socially owned renewable-energy sector or the nuclear new build … Read more

Envision Energy: Bringing a creative vision to life + building global profile for sustainable energy

Envision Energy are a Chinese smart energy company with a bold ambition – “to heal the wounds of the world, starting with energy”. They chose H+K to build the company’s brand outside of China and bring their purpose to life.​ Our campaign has centred around a vision, called ‘Entopia’. Entopia is a vision for a … Read more

In a Nutshell: The Politics Behind German Energy Policy

Leaving other countries in its wake, Germany has been a trailblazer in the shift towards renewable energy in recent years. Chancellor Angela Merkel, in an ambitious turnaround in energy policy, vowed to phase out nuclear energy by 2022, favoring renewable resources in an effort to curb climate change. While the policy, called Energiewende, has yielded … Read more

What we’ve been up to in London – 24 November 2017

The London office has been very busy with pop-up events this week, starting with a coffee-powered London bus near Waterloo Station, and ending with a walk-in bubble installation near Liverpool St featuring mini-golf and a Love Island finalist. This Monday the Retail + Leisure team told the latest chapter of Shell’s Make the Future story – an … Read more