Brexit Details Raise the Prospect for More Job Exits in Financial Services


January 24, 2017

Brexit Details Raise the Prospect for More Job Exits in Financial Services

The UK’s exit from the single market is giving many of those working in financial services, particularly those in managerial or regulatory roles, sleepless nights. The loss of financial passporting rights for London is the greatest risk to London’s place at the centre of the financial world in living memory. Theresa May’s speech about the … Read more

How to network like a pro at Lisbon Web Summit

In six short years, Web Summit has become one of the largest meeting place for the world’s most disruptive technology companies. As well as leaders from the largest companies in the world and founders from the most exciting companies, among this year’s 53,000 attendees are actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt, footballer Ronaldinho and and Tinder chief executive … Read more

What We’ve Been Up To In London – 21st April

Although Ford is a household name, it is not established in the personal finance space. The FPS team had the challenge of proving the credibility of Ford Money as a savings provider to some of the UK’s most established personal finance journalists. Our approach was twofold; arranging pre-launch briefings with Ford Money Chief Deposits officer … Read more

5 Questions with IBM's Paolo Sironi

Source: LinkedIn  IBM’s Watson is the machine that crushed Ken Jennings at Jeopardy, analyzes sports statistics to improve player performance, churns through 60 million pages of medical journals a second, and is learning to make diagnoses and treatment recommendations. Now, it’s being used to revolutionize the world of finance. Watson has grown up and its … Read more

France’s Great Investment Plan: Economic Policy or Political Communication?

Emmanuel Macron

It was one of the main campaign pledges of Emmanuel Macron as a presidential candidate, and it is now a concrete measure: French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe announced his government’s “Great Investment Plan” this week. Even in the wake of many recent reforms, the “Great Investment Plan” deserves special attention since it is, so far, … Read more