Brexit: Is it Europe’s turn in 2017?

by H+K United Kingdom

December 21, 2016

Should Macron give up on the ecological transition?


On Saturday 17 November, 300,000 people gathered across France to demonstrate against an increase in fuel prices, a Government initiative aimed to accelerate the ecological transition. Self-proclaimed the “Gilets Jaunes” (referring to the yellow color of the safety vest that every motorist is required to keep in their vehicle), they organized about 2,000 operations, blocking … Read more

France’s Great Investment Plan: Economic Policy or Political Communication?

Emmanuel Macron

It was one of the main campaign pledges of Emmanuel Macron as a presidential candidate, and it is now a concrete measure: French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe announced his government’s “Great Investment Plan” this week. Even in the wake of many recent reforms, the “Great Investment Plan” deserves special attention since it is, so far, … Read more

A Feminist’s Guide to Cannes Lions

@CandaceKuss puts together a cheat sheet of must see sessions to help gender balance your week at the prestigious Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity. My love affair with Cannes began back when I was a starry-eyed art director in snowy Boston. Fast forward to my move to London. Now I’m just an easyJet away from the smörgåsbord … Read more