A Feminist Guide to #CannesLions 2016

by Candace Kuss

Director of Social Media, London
July 10, 2016

A Feminist Guide to #CannesLions 2016

We are finally at the point (thank goodness) where people understand that being a feminist simply means you recognize that women and men are intellectual and social equals. Unfortunately, a very visible inequality still exists on stages everywhere in the creative and tech industries. So each June, I scout the packed content schedule for the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity (2014, 2015) … Read more

Time's Up For Booth Babes. Really.

Women Tech

At any IT event or tradeshow there will come the moment when, quite frankly, I just want to scream. This week, while at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, that moment happened half way through Hall 8.1 when I encountered the blank stare of the scantily clad booth girl. Yes folks, 2018 and people still think … Read more