Keeping control of a driverless future

by H+K United Kingdom

February 22, 2017

Keeping control of a driverless future

Every year, car manufacturers parade an array of new gadgets and concepts which promise to ‘revolutionise motoring’. While some are doomed to remain ideas, it’s pretty clear that driverless cars – once in the realms of sci-fi – are truly transforming the automotive industry. These cars and the technologies that support them, such as autonomous … Read more

Are AI & Automation a Threat to Public Relations?


Yes, it certainly does seem to me! I have been reading a lot about industries across the world incorporating Artificial Intelligence and automation in their operations. From manufacturing, driving cars, delivery services, warehousing, accounting, to the media and entertainment industry (Haven’t you heard of automated/algorithmic/robot journalism?), the words Artificial Intelligence and automation represent something unknown, … Read more