What now for Labour

by Mike Blakeney

Account Director, Energy + Industrials
June 9, 2017

What now for Labour

Labour has rarely been so excited about losing. What does it mean for the party and is this excitement justified? This was the election that everyone lost, but perhaps given how low expectations were for Jeremy Corbyn, he lost it the least. His party gained seats when it was expected to lose them, and in … Read more

Is the Conservative Party unbeatable? Probably

Within an hour of Theresa May’s announcement that she is seeking to call a General Election on 8th June this year, I had received an email from Patrick McLoughlin – the Chairman of the Conservative Party. His message was clear and reflected May’s statement. And, I quote: “We need this election now to secure the … Read more

Revolutionary Socialism

Revolution is a word that has been used a lot at the Labour conference. Though this actually has very little to do with the current leadership, but more to do with a palpable sense of excitement about changes in the economy. As well as the usual abundance of fringes on public services, it is notable … Read more

Labour’s guerrilla war

There are few times in history when a General Election loss has put a Labour leader in such a strong position. For the first summer since 2014 Labour has not been undergoing a leadership election and Party conference will not mark the end of a long, hard-fought battle. Moreover, Corbyn’s position seems relatively unassailable, at … Read more