Oppositions don’t win elections – Governments lose them


April 2, 2020

Oppositions don’t win elections – Governments lose them

In the midst of the coronavirus crisis, Her Majesty’s loyal opposition has elected a new leadership team in Sir Keir Starmer and Angela Rayner. Over the weekend, Starmer moved quickly to appoint a shadow cabinet as he looks to build a team capable of holding the government to account in the current situation and beyond … Read more

What exactly is an industrial strategy?

What is Theresa May’s ‘industrial strategy’ exactly? No one at the Labour conference is too sure.  I have not heard a single business figure from the various transport, energy and infrastructure fringes I’ve been to get excited about it.  The reason for this goes beyond its vagueness. If we take two sectors as examples, energy … Read more

What does this mean for Brexit?

Brexit will define this General Election but it is important to remember that this not another referendum. All the reasons why Theresa May has called this general election originate from Britain’s decision to vote to leave the EU last year. Be it defeating Labour or ensuring the Great Repeal Bill can go through the Lords. … Read more