First Things First: Globalization

by Jack Martin

Global Chairman, CEO
October 3, 2018

First Things First: Globalization


First things first: Want to point your attention to a remarkable speech by Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury. Addressing the Trade Unions Congress conference in Manchester recently, Archibishop Welby made the religious case for economic justice, arguing that that the “bible is political from one end to the other.” Where his remarks truly caught my attention, … Read more

The Success of a New NAFTA Depends on Selling the Deal to the Public


Whether the United States successfully renegotiates NAFTA with Canada inside the tent does not depend ultimately on whether the president can strike a bargain with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. That’s important, of course, with non-negotiable deadlines facing the trading partners as well as Congress, and that’s where all the focus is now. But this is … Read more