Into The Darkness With Activision

by James Fenn

Associate Director, Sport
November 8, 2018

Into The Darkness With Activision


Activision is one of the newest clients for the H+K London team, but already they’ve put in a huge amount of work on several high profile launches and events. In October, Activision delivered what was perhaps the biggest and most challenging brief yet: as the team was tasked with launching the latest version of Activision’s flagship game: Call of Duty: Black … Read more

Growing Golf At HSBC’s Shanghai Spectacle

For the global HSBC team, it was one of the busiest weeks of the year this month, as the WGCHSBC Champions took place in Shanghai. The tournament is HSBC’s flagship golf sponsorship, bringing together the best players in the world in one of HSBC’s spiritual homes. This year’s field included five of the top six players in the world, 10 … Read more

Challenging Taboos With Reebok & Emirates Woman


In celebration of launching Reebok’s ground breaking PureMove, one-of-a-kind sports bra, H+K Dubai undertook a tremendous piece of work that once again saw H+K challenging stereotypes through sport. The team created an advertorial partnership between the brand and Emirates Woman – a high caliber female-focused magazine published in the UAE and found online. The partnership challenged a social taboo with a photo shoot … Read more

Playing with Pride: Sports’ responsibility to the LGBT community

There’s a saying in our industry, “it’s PR not ER”. It’s used to remind us that we’re not doctors or nurses working through the night on matters of life and death. It’s ‘just’ brand campaigns. But is that doing the impact of our work a disservice? The role our campaigns have in dictating social narratives … Read more

Anthony Joshua Can Become an Icon, but Even He Won’t Save Boxing

Of all the forms of entertainment that capture our culture, sport is the one most defined by moments. Actors aren’t defined by one performance on one night, comedians don’t make a career out of one joke on one stage and musicians don’t become icons because of one show. But in one moment, athletes can create … Read more