First Things First: A Strong U.S. Dollar

by Jack Martin

Global Chairman, CEO
August 27, 2018

First Things First: A Strong U.S. Dollar

First things first: We heard a lot about the strong dollar last week, whether it was in the president’s comments about the Federal Reserve, the resumption of trade talks between the U.S. and China, or the implementation of 25-percent tariffs by the U.S. on another $16 billion of Chinese goods. The U.S. trade deficit on … Read more

First Things First: Decline of the Chinese Yuan

Jack’s thoughts on making sense of what is going on behind the headlines. First things first: An interesting debate is emerging regarding the decline of the Chinese yuan relative to the dollar. Since the beginning of the summer, the yuan has dropped 6 percent to its lowest point in just over a year. This is the first time … Read more